Q+A with Q+O: Kei on Style

We've been off enjoying our Christmas vacation for the last few days. Hopefully you've all been enjoying a great holiday season with your loved ones! As promised, here is part 2 of our Q+A with Q+O series on style. We sat down to discuss Kei's feelings on style in flowers, her dress and the home:

Photo credit: Tara McMullen Photography

Photo credit: Tara McMullen Photography


I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to work under lots of different kinds of designers. Some of them were really loose and organic, and others were more architectural in their style. I think at this point I fall somewhere in between, but the shapes are really inspired by nature, and have lots of texture. I love different foliages and berries and how the same kind of flower or foliage can look totally different from bud, to bloom. Flowers should look naturally imperfect, flowing, and organic, with colours that build off each other. I call myself a recovering perfectionist, which feels kind of funny to say. What I mean is my perfectionism can sometimes hold me back, but I’m trying to get over it. Flowers help me with that. I love the imperfection in flower arrangements. I love seeing flowers at the different stages of their life, I love seeing flowers that are starting to wilt a bit and aren’t perfect. I love flowers that have character.


Oh dear. I am NOT the most fashionable person. I hate clothes shopping. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion. I love looking at beautiful clothes. It's just my priority is practicality and functionality of what I’m wearing, so I always wear jeans and t shirts and cozy sweaters. If I could wear them to my own wedding I probably would. (No, just kidding - my dress is GORGEOUS.) Pants that have back pockets are so important, so I can stick my phone or clippers there. Clippers are probably a bad idea, I’ve busted some back pockets doing that. Basically I always prioritize comfort and practicality. You’ll never see me wear cute sandals when I’m working in a pile of leaves and stems. It just doesn’t make sense to me. When I shell out on wardrobe items it’s almost always a long, lush, winter coat, leather boots, and big cozy scarves. If I could go through life wearing a big cozy scarf I’d be pretty happy.


I want my home to be comfortable and feel lived in. I love furniture made of metal or wood, I love stuff that you don’t have to fuss over and worry about too much. Basically stuff that looks better the more you use it, mistreat it, and neglect it.  I love art and I hate tchotchkes but sometimes have a hard time deciding on which category an item might fall into.  The practicality thing is really important here too. If something does not serve a purpose then it doesn’t really have a place in my home. This is kind of funny because I know that lots of people see flowers as kind of frivolous but for me they serve a really important purpose: they remind me that life is fleeting, and deserves quiet moments of reflection and contemplation. I’m a bit of a pack rat, but I really idolize minimalism. Negative space is so important both in a flower arrangement and in your life. You need those bare spaces in order to breathe. I think moving forward I really want to incorporate that into my living space.