To a New Year, new business, and new learning!

Since I jumped into the world of flowers, I have basically been holding Oliver captive with my incessant flower related gabbing. I’m lucky that he is an incredibly aesthetic, design-minded human being who loves me and has always indulged my passion. Bless you, Oliver! My years of flower prattle bestowed a kind of Stockholm Syndrome upon him and one day he asked, β€œCan you teach me how to make boutonnieres?” I was totally caught off guard. He followed it up with β€œCan you walk me through your design process?...What is that flower called again?” My heart nearly exploded.

This was how it all began, this crazy plan that we dreamed up together. It started with Oliver wanting to learn about flowers and help me in the studio. It lead to him deciding he wanted to offer his own creative service - calligraphy - and it has evolved into a new business journey for both of us. Together we are Quill + Oak, a budding design studio that offers both floral design for weddings and events and custom calligraphy & lettering to enhance your special day.

We have been diving into some exciting new learning situations. Even though we each have our personal passions and specialties (Oliver is the Quill of Quill + Oak and I am the Oak), we have dedicated ourselves to improving our own crafts and learning more about each other’s. This past weekend we attended Blush & Bloom’s Autumn Blooms Series - a weekend floral design workshop for wedding florists. Talking business with Becky, the owner and creative director, and all the other attendants, was inspiring and totally validating. Oliver got to dive into the flowers and make his first bridal bouquet ever! There is nothing like hands-on opportunities to learn from artists you respect and admire. Early in the new year, Oliver will be participating in the Modern Calligraphy Summit to sharpen his calligraphy skills and pick up some new tricks with brush calligraphy and layout design. I will definitely be picking his brain about all the cool stuff he will be learning.

Finally, we are so excited to be working with our good friend Gwylan, of Gwylan Goddard Photography, in December. She is a fabulous portrait and wedding photographer based out of Montreal, QC, who will shoot some of our recent calligraphy and lettering work. We are so excited to share what we have been up to!

To a New Year, new business and new learning!


dreamy wedding centrepiece with garden roses | Quill+Oak floral design Toronto