Loose and Organic: The Struggle for Effortless

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a vase arrangement workshop with Tellie, of Coriander Girl's wedding team. The workshop was fantastic - it gave me the opportunity to work with beautiful products and get the advice of a seasoned pro who has some seriously beautiful weddings under her belt. 

I love the loose, organic look that has become so popular across the blogosphere, but I haven't had too many opportunities to practice this style. The flower shops I've worked at in the past had very different styles - excelling at contemporary, architectural designs. I do love some bold lines and structure but for me, flowers are about nature - how they grow, how they fall and how they age. The organic style that has come back into fashion shepherded by the likes of Saipua, Studio Choo, and Floret, is reminiscent of the fruit and floral still lifes done by the dutch masters with a touch of wild, unpredictability.

Although it is supposed to look effortless, there is a lot more to it than you think! The goal is for the arrangement to have a natural, somewhat wild look. It should feel like you came from the garden with a handful of blooms and plopped them in a vase with the shapes reflecting that of natural growth. Let me tell you, mimicking nature takes practice! 

Even after getting home from the workshop, I couldn't help but continue to fiddle. Repositioning certain blooms in an effort to mimic nature more closely. I snapped my photos, excited to see how my arrangement would show in photos. Uh! It felt imbalanced, off, uncomfortable. Through my hemming and hawing I came to a realization... I needed more effortless. I think our lives need more effortless overall, not just when it comes to flowers. Sometimes we need to let the the struggle of mimicry go.

I took a hard step back and looked at what I didn't like, not what I thought other people wouldn't like. I put things where they belonged, where they looked like they felt happy and I left it at that. In the end, although it might sound a little hippie-dippie, I want my flowers to feel happy and comfortable.