Calligraphy Shoot with Gwylan Goddard Photography

There are few things that mirror the excitement of finding professional photos in your inbox. We work really hard to make sure our flowers and calligraphy are tip top but it’s our amazing photographer friends that capture and share our work. Over the holidays we got an extra big gift in the form of not one but two batches of photos from Tara McMullen Photography and Gwylan Goddard Photography. Tara’s gorgeous shots and the story behind them (#bloomsessions) will have to wait for another blog because today is Gwylan’s day! 

I’ve known Gwylan for a few years now. I met Gwyl at my first ever florist job. We started a few days apart just before Valentine’s Day. Being the newbies during the madness of a huge flower holiday helped us bond. Now, years later Gwylan is pursuing her passion - she is an amazing wedding and portrait photographer - while I continue to pursue mine (still flowers!!). When we were making plans to visit Montreal for the holidays I knew we needed to carve out some time to meet up with Gwylan. We wanted to shoot some of our favourite calligraphy products: envelopes, place cards, table numbers and return address stamps (and of course some flowers because...why not?). My favourite shot below features gold Finetec watercolour and an envelope hand-lined with Japanese chiyogami paper. The gold ink creates thick, luxurious downstrokes and delicate upstrokes that shimmer and even have a raised quality reminiscent of embossing. It's an absolutely perfect match for that gorgeous paper silk screened with gold. 

Check out the other images below. We hope you love them!