#Bloomsessions with Blush and Bloom and Tara McMullen Photography

Making time and financial space to invest in ourselves is tough. It’s easy to think there are more important things to do but sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and do nice things for yourself. I’m not talking about a treat-yo-self latte either. I’m talking about the stuff that helps you grow and become a better version of yourself personally and professionally.

Back in October I heard about a weekend floral intensive and business retreat that Becky from Blush and Bloom was hosting. I had done an afternoon floral crown workshop with Becky in the past and I knew that she’s the real deal - just check out the first photo below - Becky's seriously amazing demo arrangement. She is a warm, open, creative person and a wonderful teacher. Becky is eager to talk design AND business - which is hard to do. Entrepreneurs are often guarded about the inner workings of their business so when you are starting out it is sometimes tough to know if you are on the right track. Oliver and I talked and decided that this retreat was a great way for us to start our business journey with a bang. We wanted it to be a bonding experience for us as new business partners and it was. And so much more. 

#Bloomsessions was inspiring, motivating and validating. We are doing what we should be doing. We had the chance to work with beautiful floral product and hard goods (check out that Mokuba ribbon twirling in the breeze!). I got to spend time with one of my favourite flower friends, Ashley from Ashley Elaine Florals, and make new flower friends. Oliver got a taste of the floral side of the biz and we became more Quill + Oak than before. Tara McMullen Photography documented our work periods and the amazing results. Both Tara and her associate photographer, Barb Simkova, did an incredible job. They are both charming, disarming, hilarious and, not surprisingly, fabulous photographers that made us and our stuff look great. Check out all the images below: