Bring Spring Home Early

Despite the subzero temperatures outside (on Saturday, Toronto was at -34C/-29F with wind chill!!) I know that spring is around the corner. We are gearing up for a spring inspired styled shoot at the end of the week with one of our favourite Toronto wedding photographers, Anastasia from Olive Photography. I’ve put in my flower order and checked with or friends at The Perfect Table about the beautiful vessels the flowers will be arranged in. With tulips on my desk, I know that spring is around the corner. 

single cherry blossom bloom | Quill+Oak Floral Design Toronto

If you want to get in the spirit too, I suggest you snip yourself some  blooming branches and usher spring into your home a little bit earlier. Ha! “Blooming branches?” you say, “What bloomingbranches are you talking about?” you say, “It’s -34C outside!!!” you say. Ha! Ha! Right back atcha! If you have cherry, magnolia, forsythia, apple or crabapple in your yard then you’re in luck. Just because they aren’t in full bloom outside doesn’t mean that you can’t trick nature a bit to enjoy them early. 

Choosing and Cutting Blooming Branches

Choose branches that have round, fat buds starting to form.

cutting spring blooming branches | Quill+Oak Floral Design Toronto

Make sure to choose branches that are at least 2 feet long, no thicker than your middle finger, and have a few tributary off-shoots (little branches that come off the bigger one).

choosing and cutting spring blooming branches | Quill+Oak Floral Design Toronto

Use some sharp clippers to cut the branches at an angle and bring them inside as fast as possible! If it takes more than 1 minute to get them in a deep bucket/vase of warm water then make sure to give them another fresh cut. Woody stems (like your branches) don’t take up water as easily as soft stems like tulips, so you can cross cut them to encourage them to drink.

cross cut cherry blossom branch | Quill+Oak Floral Design Toronto

Make sure to remove any off-shoots that are below water and change that water every couple of days. It’s easy to remember because woody branches usually give water a brown/goldish tinge quite quickly. 

They might not look like much right now but have faith! Forsythia is the quickest flowering branch to force indoors - it takes about a week. Magnolia, cherry and crabapple take longer - between 3-5 weeks. Mist your buds to keep them healthy and be patient. Spring is on its way!

blooming cherry branch | Quill+Oak Floral Design Toronto