About Quill + Oak

Photo by Almond Leaf Studios

Photo by Almond Leaf Studios

Quill + Oak is my baby, a garden-inspired floral design studio that specializes in weddings and events. Everything I do with Q+O is inspired by nature: natural shapes, textures and colour palettes. I believe that beauty lies in the curve of a stem, the colour variation between petals and the combination of buds, blooms and seed pods at various stages of growth. The variations and imperfections inherent in nature are the basis of my organic approach to design. 

 My intention is to create floral pieces that will transport you into a quiet, lush garden, a private space that inspires calmness and joy. I want to hear about what you love - do you want to incorporate your grandmother's favourite flowers or an important tradition? Tell me about it. Is there something special that blooms around your wedding date? Let's use it. I want to make flowers that give you the feels. 

Based in Hamilton, ON, Quill + Oak is available for events from Toronto to the Niagara Region and beyond. I'm also available to other floral studios for freelancing and event-day support.

About Kei Muto
Owner and Head Designer

Kei’s floral design aesthetic has matured over the last 7 years while working at a few traditional flower shops as well as a handful of studios that specialize in weddings and events. Kei loves flowers, foliage and all things botanical.

When she is not flowering, Kei is hanging with her two cats, laughing with her husband or working in the garden.