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How much to budget – greenery debunked!

If I had a loony for every time I’ve read, “Save money on your wedding florals by going heavy on greenery and light on florals,” I’d be much richer than my bank account reflects. This is some of the most common mis-information about choosing wedding florals. I wouldn’t say this is entirely bunk but it is when you see the kinds of photos paired with this advice. The truth is nice foliage (ie. the pretty stuff everybody gushes over – eucalyptus especially) is *not* cheap. Not even close.

Just because its greenery, doesn’t mean it’s cheap! This looks like about $150 worth of eucalyptus to me!

In the height of wedding season, a bunch of silver dollar eucalyptus costs around $45. That is more than a bunch of the biggest, beefiest snap dragons you’ve ever seen which come in around the $36 mark for ten stems. If you want to have a bunch of leather leaf fern which is typically the kind of greenery you will see wrapped with roses at the gas station, then yes, loading up with greenery and going light on flowers will save you money. But this is NOT what people are usually thinking when they want that lush greenery look that you see on Instagram and Pinterest and all the wedding blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I still like leather leaf fern. I think it adds a nice texture and shine but it looks best when paired with other varieties that polish and elevate it.

Image from Pinterest, sorry for lack of credit!

Check out the beautiful image above. (Unfortunately, because of the nature of Pinterest the photographers credit and designer credit have been lost in the shuffle, so I apologize for not crediting properly.)

It would take about $200 worth of foliage to achieve an elevated arrangement with this size and fullness. It would be an additional $50 rental fee for that cool stand ($125 if you wanted to purchase it outright, but that’s kind of nuts). If you don’t want to have to deal with rentals and the associated late-night pick-up fee, we could do a tall glass vase which would run about $50 for an outright purchase. That brings you to $250 per lush, elevated, foliage centrepiece.

Wow. Now you know. Knowledge is power; pin responsibly.

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