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Tips for handling your bridal bouquet

Photo by Camilla B Creative Studio

Your bouquet was an investment and for good reason – when it comes to your wedding flowers, it is the star of the show! Check out some quick bridal bouquet tips to help you keep it looking great through the whole day, plus a few tips to make sure you look great holding it!

1. Let your bouquet drink!

Make sure to keep your bouquet in water as much as possible. When you are not holding it for photos or during your ceremony, make sure to pop it back into a vase with water. If you have been holding them a while, let the flowers take a break and rehydrate a bit. If you can give the stems a fresh cut all the better!

2. Be mindful of extremely hot weather.

Photo by Mango Studios

If it is super hot, those flowers are going to get thirsty fast. Tip #1 is all the more important to observe. Make sure your bouquet gets ample drinking time and also be sure to avoid direct sunlight for long stretches. Get those flowers in water and give them a little spritz/mist if you can.  This is especially important if you’re in a dry climate.

3. Cold weather is killer too!

When the temp drops below freezing flowers will freeze. Eeek! Have you ever had lettuce freeze in the back of your fridge? Just like lettuce, frozen flowers go translucent and then go brown/mushy pretty quickly. If you are super determined to have outdoor photos for your winter wedding (so beautiful!!) make sure you do those photos *after* the ceremony. That means no outdoor first look photos when the weather is below freezing. Also know that repurposing your bouquet during the reception won’t be a great idea unless you want the steadily browning flowers to be documented over the course of dinner.

4. Hold your bouquet low.

When holding your bouquet, make sure to keep your hands low. Often brides will lift their bouquets up a little too high. Every. Bride. Does. This… Really. Whether you’re nervous or it just feels more natural holding it higher, fight the urge!  Your wrists should be close to your hip bones. This will make sure that your bouquet doesn’t creep up to your boobs and cover the neckline of your dress. Keeping your hands/bouquet low will elongate your neck and chest area so you will look long and lean. Holding your bouquet like this also helps tilt the flowers forward just a bit so they will photograph beautifully.

5. Have scotch tape at the ready.

Photo by Wee Three Sparrows

We always remove any pollen pods whenever possible. However, on a super warm day some flowers can open more than expected and reveal previously inaccessible pollen. If you ever happen to get pollen on your dress, whatever you do, DO NOT rub the pollen! Start with scotch tape. Use the sticky side to gently pick-up the powder on your dress. Be sure to change the tape out frequently to reduce the risk of redepositing the pollen.

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