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How Much to Budget for Garlands for your Wedding


Mixed foliage garland, $20/ft. Image from Pinterest, sorry for lack of credit!

If your wedding’s reception layout includes rectangular tables then I bet you lush foliage garlands crossed your mind. Am I right? They’ve been super big the last few years and I’ve gotten more than a few requests for them this year. They are lovely and definitely help achieve a lush, gardeny feel in any space. But few wedding planning sources on the internet are honest about how much they cost. Today on the blog I’ll be dishing on garlands and how to budget if you need them in your life!

Ok so, garlands kinda take a while to make. If made by hand, little bunches of foliage need to be wired together a few inches at a time to create the long garland. Since it takes forever to make these (especially if you want them on every table!) it makes more sense to buy them pre-made from one of my suppliers. Two or three years ago when I first started ordering premade garlands they were priced at around $7.50 per foot on the lower end up to about $12.50/ft for a really lush garland with different varieties of foliage. Ok, that’s not so bad right? Ok well, I nearly fell over when I got the price lists for the 2018 wedding season. Garlands have gone up to $15.00/ft for a basic garland with one type of foliage and $20.00/ft and up for two kinds of foliage. I get it though, people are mad about garlands and when demand is high, the price always creeps up too. In this case it has doubled. And that is *just* for the foliage before any florals are added. If you are looking to have foliage garlands with pops of florals (like below) on your table, get ready spend at least $25/ft. That’s $200 per 8 foot table or $250 per 10 foot table.

Foliage garland with pops of florals $25/ft. Image from Pinterest, sorry for lack of credit!

If you have your heart set on something like the photo below, get ready to shell out closer to $55/ft.

Lush foliage and floral garland, $55/ft. Image from Pinterest, sorry for lack of credit!

Garland Alternatives…

Loose foliage laid on table between other elements, $6/ft. Image from Pinterest, sorry for lack of credit!

Loose foliage:

We can’t all afford $200-$250 per table. So if you love that look, what are your options? Well, I *love* the look of loose greenery placed down the centre of a table to create a loose, mock runner. Priced at around $6/ft, this can save you a ton but there is a caveat! I would be very hesitant to do this for an outdoor wedding, especially if its located in a spot susceptible to wind. That loose, light and airy look can easily get blown away if a strong wind whips through your tent. If there are lots of heavier tablescape elements, like different size candles, bud vases…etc, the foliage can be tucked in between and the chances of everything blowing away will decrease, but it is still a possibility. I would reserve this look for indoor locations or super sheltered tents that won’t have a ton a breeze or elaborate tablescapes that include extra elements to act as anchors.

Faux garland with pew markers:

If you’d love to have a floral and foliage garland on your head table and you’ve already decided to do pew markers, make them do double duty. Foliage pew markers laid end-to-end and slightly overlapped can create the impression of a garland. I price pew markers around $25 each and they would each cover about 1.5 ft. If you already decided to get 10 pew markers, that would be just about enough to cover a head table seating 8 people. Not too bad since you pay for them once, but get to use them twice. Add in some extra florals (I’d shoot for $10/ft to give you two focal flowers per foot) to amp up your faux garland and you’ve got a great looking head table.

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