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Tips for choosing the right style bridal bouquet

When I talk to brides during our consultation, I always ask what their top priority is ie. what they think is the most important floral element for their wedding. And would you guess about 80% of brides say their bouquet!! No surprises there! Your bouquet is the star of the show (floral-wise, I mean! Obviously you two are the real headliners!). My goal is to make something that makes sense for your style, your venue, your season and just generally makes you smile when you see it. So if you’re feeling Pinterest saturated and need some guidance on bridal bouquet styles and what’s right for you, you’re in the right spot.

Choosing a bouquet shape

Bouquets come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Quill + Oak we do a few different shapes but they all feel natural, abundant but composed. Whether you are all about that classic garden style look or want to mix it up slightly, we’ve got you covered. Are you in love with something sweet and petite? Sculptural and asymmetric? Maybe you’re all about a big wild bouquet. Cascading, teardrop shaped bouquets are making a modern comeback – think a modern, understated version of Princess Di’s famous bouquet – but that’s a blog for another day. 😉 Check below for some pros and cons with a few of my favourite bouquet styles.

Classic Garden-Style

For the most part, this is the signature Quill + Oak style. Natural, abundant but composed. It’s gardeny with a variety of textures, loose but not wild, layered but not frenetic, balanced but not too tight/uniform. It’s subtle heart-shaped form is a subconscious nod to the romance of the day! Since it is slightly wider than it is deep, it’s easier to hold closer to your body but it’s designed to beautiful from every angle. It’s still abundant feeling with lots of variety but it won’t weigh you down. 

Photo by Eyekahphoto

Sculptural + Asymmetric

Getting married at a museum, art gallery or chic and vibey resto? Perhpas you find the classic garden style bouquet a little too romantic and you want something a little more artistic, with interesting, playful shapes? I’ve got just the thing for you. Sculptural + asymmetric bouquets are built using unique ingredients to create unexpected shapes. Even though these might feel a little more wild, I still want them to look composed and intentional.

Like building any kind of sculpture, the artist is reliant on the materials first and foremost. Anybody keen on this look needs to approach it with flexibility and open-mindedness! Just like *I* have to be flexible and open-minded when I make a bouquet like this! As cheesy as it sounds, I need to go to the market and be inspired by what’s there. One of a kind, art in your hands.

Sweet + Petite Bouquet

Maybe you’re very petite or maybe you just want something a little more classic and tailored. Going with a bouquet that is slightly smaller and simpler can be perfect for the city hall wedding or if you’re planning on doing your bridal portrait’s out in the world (walking through the woods? Or perhaps an urban jungle?).  A petite, all-around bouquet can be the way to go if you are working with a documentary style photographer. It won’t matter where your photog shoots from, your bouquet will look polished and lovely from any angle.

Photo by Marcucci Photography
Photo by Mango Studios

Big. Bouquets.

As with any kind of design, styles work in trends. After decades of super tight/round bouquets (I’m looking at you 1990s/early 2000s), big bouquets were all the rage (2010s). Brides let their hair down and opted for a looser, more relaxed and organic direction for their flowers. While I think the days of the *really* big bouquets are winding back, I still love a big statement piece! If you are all about making a statement, there’s no better way than with a Big. Bouquet.

When I am making a big bouquet, I always reach for lush cascading foliages, unique focal flowers and interesting botanical textures. All that variety makes for a beautiful bouquet! But they can get heavy! One upside to a weighty bouquet is that your arms will look toned and svelte in all your photos.

If you are into big, lush, wide bouquets my number one suggestion is to opt for a bouquet with a flat, mostly greenery back. The flat back allows you to hold the bouquet closer to your body for more natural posture and makes it easier to set the bouquet down if you need to fix your skirt during bridal portraits.

Image by Olive Photography
Photo by Sara Monika

Regardless of which style bouquet you go with, check back for tips on how to handle your bouquet on your wedding day so you can keep it looking fresh all day!

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