Wedding Flower Emergency Workshop for Wedding Pros

Wedding Flower Emergency Workshop for Wedding Planners and Photographers

The groom chest bumped his best man before the First Look and his boutonniere got smashed. The Mother of the Bride tried to put her coat on over her wrist corsage and one of the roses popped off! Or worst case scenario, the bride’s bouquet went missing right before she’s set to walk down the aisle. These things actually happen! I’ve had real wedding pros tell me about the above situations. What do you do when you face a wedding flower emergency?

Encouraging your clients to hire an awesome, reputable florist is the best way to prevent floral emergencies to begin with. But even with the best florists, wedding flower emergencies like the above still happen. I want to empower you to fix these flower snafus so we can all help our clients have the best day possible!

The Wedding Flower Emergency Workshop will include demonstrations, some hands-on opportunities and a ton of important info! I’ve put together a complete tool kit of industry-standard tools that are essential for fixing these problems and tough to source unless you’re in the floral trade. During the workshop I’ll go over a bunch of tips to prevent emergencies and teach you to use your kit so you’re ready at your next wedding!

Learn how to:

  • Fix a broken boutonniere or corsage
  • Pin on a boutonniere
  • Whip up a last minute boutonniere from scratch
  • Remove pollen from petals or gowns
  • Keep bouquets looking fresh 
  • Demo of how to make a bouquet in a pinch 

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 from 6:30-8PM
Location: Moments by Lauren Studio (1217 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8K 1A3 ** Use side entrance!**)

Workshop: $65 + HST

Tool kit: $45 + HST Includes all the tools necessary to do any of the above and more. Industry-insider rehydration solution (a magic potion if I’ve ever seen one!), clippers, special floral glue, special floral tape and wire + more.

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