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Why I never promise peonies: What happens when they don’t come in?

Photo by Tara McMullen at Bloom Sessions Workshop

One of the most common questions I get from couples during our consultation is, “What kinds of flowers will you use?” or “What flowers can we expect?” My answer is pretty consistent: it depends. The truth is, even if I plan your entire flower order to the T, your actual arrangements might be slightly different. Even the best floral designer, with the most dependable suppliers will run into issues with supply or product occasionally. If you meet any floral designer who says they can guarantee any particular variety for you, beware. Listen up, Southern Ontario brides – any guarantee like that should send up red flags for you!

Even though there are certain varieties that are dependably available at a particular time of year and others year-round, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be available on the day I go to market to pick up for your wedding. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes the flowers don’t come in. There’s a hurricane, a blizzard, a drought, an early frost, a slow spring, a strike, a global catastrophe on the other side of the world and all of a sudden your shipment of flowers is delayed ’til Sunday. For this reason, I *never* guarantee any varieties.

Of course, I’ve got all my favourites planned and pre-ordered for you. I’ve even left a bit of wiggle room so I can pick-up something exciting that surprises me at the market. My motto is hope for the best (everything comes in perfectly as I had wanted) but be prepared for the worst (the peonies are short ordered or the stock came in the wrong colour). I know that if there is a problem, I will check all my suppliers, I will cut from my garden, I will drive around to the farms. I will make it work.

How do I make sure that everything looks stellar even if something important didn’t come in? When we have our consultation, I will ask you if there is anything in particular that you *love* or you *hate* and what your wedding vibe is overall. I keep all this in mind when I write your proposal and put your order together. Your proposal will include a list of blooms that I have in mind for your wedding. I always encourage clients to check them out so you know what’s in my head. This whole back and forth helps me make sure I get the look you are going for.

In the event that something doesn’t come in for your order, I know what your vibe is. I can make substitutions that make sense for the look. If you’re going for soft romantic, white and greens I will not fill your bouquet with hot pink gerbera daisies! I might pull some soft peachy or barely blushy tones if I have to. The palette might adjust a tiny bit but it’ll still be soft and romantic and gorgeous. Know that I will do everything in my power to pull it out and deliver gorgeous flowers. If you like my portfolio, if you like what I do, then trust that it will come together. I can’t promise you peonies but I can promise that I will deliver beautiful blooms that will stand out. Let me be your fairy flowermother and sprinkle floral delights where they need to go. Bibbity bobbity blooms.

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